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Aikido bowing students beginning class

Beautiful image of little aikido girl sittingCanberra aikido

 Handsome Aikido Japanese boy Happy Girl Canberra Aikido Japanese classAikido Japanese classes teach children playground safety, early language skills, respect and confidence.  Energetic physical exercises are balanced by creative Japanese activities.  The program is suitable for both girls and boys ages 3 to 14.

Drawing on her keen interest in Japanese culture, Ann has created a fun, active and engaging program for children and teens. Students safely practice the basic elements of aikido and experience a Japanese language and cultural atmosphere, including activities such as origami, calligraphy, traditional stories, and songs.

We encourage your child’s natural adventurous and imaginative spirit and teach them to deal with the rough and tumble of life. Children learn skills and a mindset to safeguard themselves responsibly without harming others, to encourage friendships and to embrace cultural differences.  Aikido Japanese classes address the development of the whole child; physical, social and intellectual, in one integrated program.

Childrens Canberra AIkido Grading shot of several students and crowd of supporters

“Ann, we can’t say how grateful we are to have found such a great class with you.  N really loves the Aikido & was thrilled to see you in action on grading day.  From our perspective, part of the grown-up attraction of observing you is how caring you are of the kids while also giving them a sense of responsibility for themselves & their partners.  We are very lucky.”    

Dad and Mum of N, 10 yrs

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Family Participation

parents participating in Canberra Aikido Japanese classes with their children
For the younger childrens’ classes, parents and carers also join in the fun!  For the older childrens’ classes, parents and carers are free to participate, watch or leave.  The best outcome for the child drives this decision.  Children are given relevant Japanese materials to take home, so to encourage learning and reinforce the ideas, expressions and songs introduced during class,  it is useful if parents, even if not participating, are ‘listening from the sidelines’.  This is a great opportunity for carers, parents and the whole family to learn Japanese too!

“I like the spirit you have engendered in the dojo – it is “family” orientated and makes learning easier and fun!!”

– Dad of A, 8yrs, and R, 6yrs

3 more parents photos

Tiny Tots

“We were so proud to be at H’s presentation on Saturday. Thank you for organising it and for all your tireless work with our class this year. H was so proud to get his belt and personalised certificate. And it was fascinating to see how the kids progress, up to the amazing adult demonstration.” 

– Mum of H, 4yrs

toddlers and very young childrens classes

Young childrens classes Aikido rolling

“The lineage & culture of Aikido Japanese is what makes this program unique. I am impressed with Ann Sensei’s Aikido Japanese kids program. Because of  Ann Sensei’s training program my children are much less aggressive to each other & to other children.  I look forward to the future years of watching my children apply what they are learning now.

–  Dad of L, 4 yrs, and G, 2 yrs

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” We would like to thank you once again for such a great year.  Both  my children are so proud of what they have achieved.  L’s physical confidence has grown exponentially for which we sincerely thank you.  A mark of how much they love your classes is that they have both said that they cannot wait for next year’s school term so they can start Aikido again.  They are walking around the house singing in Japanese and constantly use Japanese manners.  You have had a massive positive influence on them already which we hope will continue for years to come. Our warmest and sincere thanks.”

Dad and Mum of  L, 9 yrs,  & C, 7yrs

Canberra children displaying Aikido grading certificates

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Big Kids & Teens (ages 10 – 14)

Teenager class Aikido and Japanese 3 images

The Kanji and Samurai classes are designed to suit the body and psyche of these age groups.  Big Kids & Teens may choose to do Aikido only, Japanese only, or both. In Aikido, we focus on developing these core skills:  Awase, Ki, Kokyu, Ukemi, Zanshin and Budoo.  These Japanese words encompass the concepts of centering, balance, blending, awareness of surroundings, breath control, extension, flexibility, hip power and martial effectiveness.

Some of the joint locks practiced in adult aikido classes may be damaging to growing young limbs; hence we are very careful in our selection of techniques for these age groups.  A more intensive Japanese session enables these groups to develop more comprehensive writing and conversational skills.  Through a combination of fun games, rigorous training and exposure to another language and culture, the children develop respect, discipline, empathy, tolerance and confidence.

For some children aged 14+, participation in the adult class may be more appropriate.  Please discuss with Ann Sensei.

“Well done to you Ann! After all, Takayasu Sensei said it was the best children’s class he had seen “even in Japan”! None of it would be possible without your hard work, good humour and dedication, not to mention the affection and regard you inspire in your students!”

Dad of J, 12yrs

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