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April 2010



What the parents say

“As a parent I want the best protection for my kids. Realistically I know that I will not be able to be with them every second of the day to ensure their safety. This is where I find the Aikido Japanese kids program to be beneficial. My children are learning to properly fall down, and move out of the way of objects. If we could all learn the basics in falls there may be less potential for bones breaking. Being passive is much harder to do then being aggressive, but because of Sensei Ann’s training program my children are much less aggressive to each other and to other children. This is the very essence of Aikido; not to be confrontational, rather, let others’ aggressive behavior work against them. 

The lineage and culture of Aikido Japanese is what separates this program from all other programs out there. The children are learning another language and traditions as most programs out there only teach strikes or kicks. This first hand approach brings children and adults together in learning and not just the children only. I am impressed with Sensei Ann’s Aikido Japanese kids program and look forward to the future years of watching my children apply what they are learning now.”

– Dad of L, 4 yrs, and G, 2 yrs

“As a parent, I’m pleased my child can attend a class that provides stimulating and interesting physical movement, and especially that provides instruction on how to move well or fall safely.  I’ve noticed a number of near-falls where intuitive Aikido movements taught in class helped with a safe recovery.  It’s great that the language component of classes is good for intellectual and speech development and listening, while the cultural learning promotes increased respect and awareness.  It’s delightful to see how engaged the kids are learning about the Japanese characters or listening to the stories.  When my child uses Japanese words or embraces something culturally unfamiliar with positive interest, I know he finds classes valuable, as well as fun.  Actually, I think I enjoy the classes as much as he does!”

– Mum of P, 4yrs

“Aikido has been a great experience for my 4 year old (now 5) and for myself as well! He is learning not only practical self-defence skills but of a new culture and it’s language. Ann has a great approach to teaching the kids with lots of fun hands on activities.”

– Mum of J, 5yrs