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April 2010



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What the parents say

“As a parent I want the best protection for my kids. Realistically I know that I will not be able to be with them every second of the day to ensure their safety. This is where I find the Aikido Japanese kids program to be beneficial. My children are learning to properly fall down, and […]

Welcome Information

Please download and print the appropriate document. Please ensure that you read before your first class! Bring it with you. Information for Parents of Aikido Japanese Children Information for Adult Beginners

Membership Forms

Please download and print the appropriate form. Completed forms must be provided prior to commencing the first class. Takemusu Aiki Membership and Indemnity Form Aikido Japanese 2010 Membership Form

Beginner’s course

Beginner’s courses commence regularly throughout the year. Each runs for eight weeks. April-June 2010 (*) Note: no classes on April 30th or May 28th

April Schedule

Please note that Friday 30th is Sydney Aikido. There will be no classes in Canberra on Friday 30th April or Saturday 1st May.