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Aikilife is the Canberra Dojo of the Australian Takemusu Aikido Renmei incorporated (ATARi).

Canberra aikido images of adult classes

Whether you are a toddler, big kid, teenager, or adult (including seniors!), we offer great classes for you!

Dynamic Aikido images Canberra dojoTakemusu Aiki  (Adults)

Aikido is a modern martial art based upon principles of non-aggression, non-resistance, and non-competitiveness.  The philosophy of our training syllabus involves close integration of Taijutsu (empty handed body techniques) and Bukiwaza (weapons – sword & staff).  More info…


Canberra aikido japanese classesAikido Japanese  (3-15 years)

Japanese classes teach children playground safety, early language skills, respect and confidence.  Energetic games are balanced by creative Japanese activities.   These classes address the development of the whole child; physical, social and intellectual, in one fun integrated program. More info…


Canberra kids, children and family classes in Japanese and Aikido

What is Aikido?

In summary, Aikido is…

  • A sophisticated art which relies on skill, not strength. Suitable for men, women, and children, regardless of age or physique
  • A dynamic and integrated system of taijutsu (empty-hand), bokken (sword) and jo (staff) techniques
  • Based on principles of harmony, respect and non-aggression, it teaches us about productive relationships and conflict resolution
  • Graceful, precise and flowing, the techniques may be gentle and devastatingly effective
  • Aikido is a way of life; encompassing mental concentration, spiritual development, exercise, balance, reflex action and etiquette
  • Learnable today! Find us at upstairs at 3 Dundas Court, Phillip

Fun & Invigorating!